Glimpse of the Company


We at Saurabh Industries has been manufacturing quality chemicals like Iso Amyl Alcohol, which is been supplied to perfumery, flavors & fragrance Industries, pharmaceuticals, textile auxiliaries and dairies too. Amyl Alcohol for milk testing purpose (various grades) is supplied to various dairies all over India for milk fat testing purpose. The various produsts are as follows:

Amyl Alcohol
- Iso Amyl Alcohol - Specifications
- n-Amyl Alcohol (n-Pentanol) - Specifications
- Amyl Alcohol (Milk Testing Grade) - Specifications

- Corrugation Gum
- Pasting Gum
- Decolac Adhesive (for tins)
- Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (for plastic containers/bottles) - Specifications
- Adhesive for stationary/binding purpose.
- Lamination Gum for printing press

Dairy Chemicals
- Amyl Alcohol for milk testing grade
- EDTA Sachet Powder (regular & 3-in-1)
- Anti-foaming Agent
- Emulsifier Agent
- Fast Fat Testing Solution