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Saurabh Industries, was established in year 1990 and has been manufacturing quality chemicals like Iso Amyl Alcohol, which is been supplied to perfumery, flavors & fragrance Industries, pharmaceuticals, textile auxiliaries and dairies too. Amyl Alcohol for milk testing purpose (various grades) is supplied to various dairies all over India for milk fat testing purpose. The latest addition in our product list is that of n-Amyl Alcohol (n-Pentanol) which is much in demand. We are the only manufacturers of n-Amyl Alcohol in India.

The Company also has a wide range of Adhesives like Decolac Adhesive for pasting labels on Oil/Ghee tins, Starch Based Adhesive like Corrugation Gum and Pasting Gum for supply to corrugated box manufactures Synthetic Adhesive like S.H. Adhesive for wooden industry, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive / Lamination Gum & various other types of gums. Company also manufactures Gum for pasting labels on glass bottles.