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Saurabh industries situated at 54, JL Industrial Area, Maksi Road, Ujjain M.P., in the year 1990 indulged in manufacturing quality chemical like Amyl Alcohol(various grades) for supply in dairies for milk fat testing. After a few year we excelled in manufacturing Iso Amyl Alcohol for use in Perfumeries, flavours and fragrances, textile auxiliaries and bulk drugs. In 2008 we added another feather in our cap by manufacturing n-Pentanol (n-Amyl Alcohol). It’s a matter of pride for us that we are the only manufacturers of n-pentanol in india.


Our below mention products are manufactured in our own huge premises in our own distillation plant. We have a very well setup laboratory where we continuously do R&D and excel in the manufacturing of our product matching international standards.

  • Amyl Alcohol (various grades)
  • Specs


We had been ISO 9001:2000 certified and still working on basic fundamentals of ISO 9001:2000 certification. We had been winners of best industry on district level and on state level as well in 1990’s.


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